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Free legal assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Albania

Our agency has 11 years of experience, we have created a town of buyers and tourists on the shores of the Adriatic. Our customers know that we provide a guarantee of quality of service and customer support always, we are there, you can always turn to us for help on any issue.

We offer a large number of options for apartments with the most favorable and competitive prices, we are in control of the situation in the housing market. Apartment management, rent. All types of renovation and design, built-in furniture. We will devote you to the specifics and details of the market.

The Albanian real estate market is relatively new for buyers and investors, so the help of Albanian local specialists with an excellent reputation and experience, having a name in the politics and jurisprudence of the country, can play an important role in your acquaintance with the country and further assimilation. We are real estate experts in providing services to foreign clients, especially Russian speakers. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of immigration services and real estate, tourism. We give legal advice on opening and optimal business management. Visa support and services.

You are served by ALBANIAN interpreters of the Ministry of Justice, lawyers and specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
It is important to note that our Ministry of Justice interpreter is the only lawyer in Albania. What does it mean? The fact that all documents are drawn up by a specialist, a doctor of science, who is responsible for the legal correctness of the document.