Albania is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. This is due, first of all, to the fact that it is distinguished by a tourist orientation. For many, Albania sinks into the soul so much that they strive to find housing for themselves as soon as possible, which often happens urgent sale or rental of apartments in Albania.

Уважаемые господа! Представляем вам лучшую часть курортной зоны Дурреса, Голем – Шкемби.
It is located 6-7 km from the city.
The port is far from the beach area and does not affect the purity of the water. There are 2 ports in Durres. The industrial port is very far away, about 20 km from the beaches, behind the cape. Passenger port 6-7 km.
The huge bay majestically and proudly washes the natural sandy shores of the resort. The bay is also a regulator of the microclimate and makes the resort the warmest place in the country in the off-season. Due to its relative shallowness, it quickly heats up and gives off heat at night.
The difference in temperatures near the bay and near the open sea is up to 5-6 degrees! In winter, this is especially important. The climate is salubrious for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Humidity varies between 40-60%.
Clean beaches beaches with a gentle entrance stretch for 15 km south of the city. Clean because cleaning is done every day many times. And also because there is a modern sewerage system throughout the beach, funded by the EU and launched in 2016. This is very rare, it is impossible to build it in the old resorts.
Many kilometers of promenades run parallel to the water's edge, along which there is a huge selection of restaurants and hotels for every taste. The highway leading south runs away from the beaches, which allows residents and vacationers to enjoy the singing of the sea, and not the growl of cars.
This recreation area does not stop even in winter, people dine on the terraces, celebrate or drink coffee.
Joy always reigns here and a huge bay majestically and proudly washes natural sandy shores.
For several years now, the Miss Universe contest and various congresses, meetings and competitions have been held here in October.
On the promenade there are small markets and attractions for children. All beaches are equipped with free showers. There are also public beaches. An umbrella with two sun loungers costs 2 - 4 euros / day.
Very convenient communication with Durres, Tirana and any cities in the south of the country.
A bus stop is a couple of minutes walk away, from where buses depart regularly to the center of Durres and to any southern point of the country. You can profitably explore the whole country on your own. Tirana International Airport Rinas Mother Teresa is 35 km away.


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