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Holidays in Albania are suitable for both lovers of a beach, relaxed holiday, and lovers of walks and excursions. For a relaxing holiday, the beaches on the Ionian coast are most suitable, for example, Ksamili, Dermi, Himara, Borshe. But in addition, on vacation in Albania, you can successfully combine sea relaxation with the study of ancient monuments and natural attractions. Indeed, Albania is a country that has a variety of attractions for every taste. These are ancient cities, and ancient fortresses and bridges, medieval castles, ancient churches, monasteries and mosques. Albania is two warm and gentle seas with wonderful beaches, a bright sun that shines almost all year round, these are mountain passes that go high beyond the clouds, these are coniferous and eucalyptus forests, the air in which is so fresh that it can make you dizzy.

In this section, we will talk about the most interesting places and attractions that you can see in Albania.

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